Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Thor - Old Norse Þórr, Old English Þunor and Old High German Donar - the god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind.
Son of Odin and Jord, the earth goddess.

I see him as a very powerful deity, thoughtful, mindful, ironical and even self-mockingly.
His power feels to me like a power of insight and self knowledge. And he is rather challenging.

Faber-Castell Watercolour-Pencils “Albrecht Dürer”
Derwent Soluble Graphite Pencils “Graphitint”
A 4 watercolour paper 260g/m²


Anerje said...

You are a very talented artist!

Rowan Plantagenet said...

Thanks so very much, Anerje!
This means a lot to me.